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Career Transition

Give a new impetus, a new meaning to your career

I support you through all the steps of your transition. The search for a new project/position, the recruiting process and the first months in your new business or life.

Transition challenges

Whether or not change is desired, transition is a phase in which
the fear of choosing the wrong path combines with the attractiveness of novelty.

“Is this a good time? Do I have the right idea? Do I have the skills? I’ll see what I’m offered…”

Transition challenges are many:
• Know what you want and the conditions and resources necessary to achieve it
• Know how to express it for yourself and others
• Dare to take action, make yourself understood and find your new self and place

A tailor-made support

Step by step, I guide you through the identification of your talents and your decision-making habits, analyze your career path and the new opportunities that will open up.
A new position ? a new project? Give yourself every chance to

Each step introduces specific but complementary tools according to the themes we work on.
• Tests (Dynastrat, 360° in particular)
• Work on leadership and interculturalism
• Business intelligence
• Collaborative intelligence

How I work

A pragmatic and operational approach
Each case is unique. From our first meeting, we identify the themes and goals that will mark your personalized career path.



Carry out a professional assessment, identify values, talents and skills
Work on self-confidence, self-esteem and motivation
Identify the paths to be explored and initiate the first action plans



Establish a new job search strategy
Build CVs according to the professional project and the companies contacted
Implement a network strategy and approach



Develop a Partner relationship with recruiters
Negotiate according to your personal and professional project
Start your new job with confidence and performance

Let's meet

Expert in strategic intelligence and crosscultural competencies

Do you need a sparring-partner, to develop some new ideas, to discuss an issue or just to get a boost ?

Do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your needs. You will enjoy a free session with a certified Coach, ICF member, associate partner at Beyond Performance and crosscultural trainer.

Crosscultural management, your next challenges

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