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Strategic Intelligence

Turn information into a strategic asset

A support based on strategic intelligence techniques to develop a collective information culture and engage all your employees in the pursuit of your company’s strategic objectives.

Information management

Companies are overloaded with information from all sides. Few know how to structure them and use them to their full potential. Employees spend at least 20% of their time looking for documents or recreating them instead of communicating with each other.

Strategic intelligence is neither a tool nor a system, it is a mindset! It is about knowing how to look, listen, look for information and make sure that each observation can serve a specific purpose. 80% of the information is already present in your company but do you know how to hear, grasp and convey them?

The culture of active listening

Strategic intelligence is a culture of active listening of the environment.
Several support formats are possible:
• Training workshop on strategic intelligence techniques
• Strategic intelligence audit within your structure
• Support over time for the project leader, from the design phase
• Specific workshop for Sales Representatives, Customer Services,

Because strategic intelligence is strongly linked to human intelligence, this support goes hand in hand with the Collaborative Intelligence service.

Clear and quick wins

STRATEGY & MARKETING – Management of risks and opportunities.

R&D – Anticipation of product developments, technological and legal monitoring.

SALES – Development of sales arguments according to customer expectations, expansion of networks of influence.

HR – Better internal information communication, employee engagement through better understanding of strategy and internal recognition, removal of internal silos and creation of internal networks.

How I work

A pragmatic and operational approach.
We determine together your needs and the most appropriate support timing according to your challenges and your deadlines. Once the objectives have been set and depending on the issues to be addressed, the sessions will be conducted around 3 development axes.



Identify information flows and internal bottlenecks
Assess the needs and objectives of each department
Know and recognize sources and resources



Understand the mindset and the questioning mode of strategic intelligence
Define the main steps and quick wins of the approach
Develop internal information networks



Optimize internal costs related to information management and production
Improve internal knowledge of employees to make them ambassadors for your company
Strengthen the performance of your sales and customer services by developing their market awareness and influence strategy

Let's meet

Expert in strategic intelligence and crosscultural competencies

Do you need a sparring-partner, to develop some new ideas, to discuss an issue or just to get a boost ?

Do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your needs. You will enjoy a free session with a certified Coach, ICF member, associate partner at Beyond Performance and crosscultural trainer.

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