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Collective Intelligence

Support the growth of your teams

Break silos within your organization and unleash your company’s potential

The challenges of collaborating

Whether you are a mobile employee, an international team, a company facing internal and external growth, collaboration often remains a real challenge.
Employees and managers from different cultures may have differing visions of their organization.

“It would be so much easier if they worked as we are used to! “They don’t understand anything”, “They don’t know how to work”, “But how do they do to…? »

These challenges require each employee to:
• Become aware of how people work individually and with their team
• Be able to formalize it
• Understand how others work and think
• Develop and use this understanding operationally

The assets of collaborative intelligence

At the individual level, it enables a better engagement of employees who
feel recognized within the organization. People become aware of their capacities, skills and roles.

At the team level, it promotes autonomy and sharing. Interactions improve. Individual interests and objectives converge towards a common goal.

At the organizational level, employees and teams become aware of the notion of internal customer, the challenges of each department, and acquire the ability to move from a self-centered vision to an emphatic and off-centered vision.

The Team Cohesion and Decision Making approach

To become aware of the strengths and innate talents of your teams,
identify its image, surface the key factors of motivation of each of its members.

Managers, employees and their teams will be able to:
• Become aware of the assumptions of each individual according to his or her preferred modes of functioning.
• Implement processes that serve the organization’s objectives and are adapted to the team.
• Adapt your communication methods according to your counterparts and stakeholders.

A 4-step approach is proposed

• Identify how everyone works and makes decisions
• Confront how you perceive your colleagues with reality
• Identify the team’s resources and image
• Match the team’s operating mode with the objectives to be achieved

The intercultural approach "Hofstede Insight"

A one-day or two-day seminar to get the keys to reading
cultural differences and work on potential sources of conflict and key elements for a better understanding between the stakeholders.

Managers, employees and their teams will be able to:
• Define a global leadership posture.
• Ensure understanding and trust between team members.
• Implement processes that serve the organization’s objectives and are adapted to the team.

A 3-step approach is proposed

• Understand and anticipate challenges arising from cultural differences
• Become aware of the impact of their cultures on their ways of thinking and working
• Adapt behaviours and modes of communication

How I work

A pragmatic and operational approach.
We determine together your needs and the most appropriate support timing according to your challenges and your deadlines. Once the objectives have been set and depending on the issues to be addressed, the sessions will be conducted around 3 development axes.



Take into account individuals within their team, the company
Determine the mindset of each individual
Be aware of how they operate and make decisions
Work concentrically on individual, team and organizational objectives



Switch from the individual cell to the system
Work on your relationship with others, between personal, business and organizational cultures
Know, recognize, accept and adapt behaviours and communications
Highlight the complementarity of individual operating modes


Setting in motion

Work on the concrete cases of the company
Understand the notion of internal clients: individuals, objectives of the home unit, space-time relationship
Asserting yourself, communicating, influencing, leading

Let's meet

Expert in strategic intelligence and crosscultural competencies

Do you need a sparring-partner, to develop some new ideas, to discuss an issue or just to get a boost ?

Do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your needs. You will enjoy a free session with a certified Coach, ICF member, associate partner at Beyond Performance and crosscultural trainer.

Crosscultural management, your next challenges

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