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Executive Coaching

Define and build your strategy, engage employees and customers to grow

Benefit from an outside perspective and a strategic sparring partner to define and organize the core of your organization. From the start of your activity to your international expansion, get support to make the most effective decisions.

The human being, the key to success

How can I ensure the sustainability and growth of my company?
Should I control better or delegate more? How to build my team?
Is my time and priority management optimal?

The challenges of leadership are individual and private, collective and corporate :
• Connect or reconnect to your desires, your vision, the source of your motivation
• Balance time between economic, societal and personal responsibilities
• Discover how to seize opportunities and take calculated risks
• Be part of the teams’ daily and operational life while keeping a long-term vision
• Be able to be understood, set limits, engage employees and partners

A tailor-made support

To enable current and future managers to take the necessary distance to build their project and increase their business.

To offer managers from various cultures opportunities to better understand their organization and collaborate beyond business, generational and national differences.

To support leaders as a Sparring Partner combining Strategic Intelligence and Coaching techniques to validate action plans, manage opportunities and risks, and facilitate decision-making processes.

How I work

A pragmatic and operational approach
We determine together your needs and the most appropriate support timing according to your challenges and your deadlines. Once the objectives have been set and depending on the issues to be addressed, the sessions will be conducted around 3 development axes.


Be a leader

Adapt to complex business and HR situations.
Manage priorities, build your leadership team and wisely delegate.
Motivate teams to pursue their short, medium and long-term objectives.
Develop situational leadership.


Build a meaningful corporate culture

Bring together the strong values of leaders.
Define the foundations of the company’s culture.
Federate employees on the company’s strategic, operational and human missions.


Walk the talk and grow

Anticipate recruitment needs and align skills on the company’s culture and goals.
Understand local and international markets and consumers.
Meet the challenges of expansion.

The support is provided over a period of time from 6 months to 18 months in order to support your development and expansion.

Let's meet

Expert in strategic intelligence and crosscultural competencies

Do you need a sparring-partner, to develop some new ideas, to discuss an issue or just to get a boost ?

Do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your needs. You will enjoy a free session with a certified Coach, ICF member, associate partner at Beyond Performance and crosscultural trainer.

Crosscultural management, your next challenges

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