Turn cultural differences into opportunities

CrossRoads Intelligence helps you, wherever you live and whatever you want to accomplish: find a new project or a job; build your company and challenge the leaders of your market; leverage diversity and become truly global

Explore your environment and your desires.


Adapt your communication and define your actions.

Unlock your potential and achieve all your goals.

Tailored services regarding your needs


  • For you who want to make your life abroad prosperous and flourishing socially, personally and professionally
  • For you who work with colleagues from different cultures and want to develop your leadership style by leveraging cultural differences
CrossRoads Expats, find your way abroad
CrossRoads Expats, find your way abroad

CROSSROADS Entrepreneurs

  • For you who want to be your own boss, work with your passion and develop your nomad business
  • For you who run your business, want to expand and challenge market leaders


  • For you who want to engage your employees regardless their location
  • For you who want to align your talent management to your strategy and needs and play the efficient card of diversity
  • For you who are a global leader who develops his / her teams, make them effective in diversity
CrossRoads Corporate, find your way abroad

They trust us

Delphine Macquet is the best coach I have ever had the opportunity to work with. She manages to perfectly combine her technical knowledge of the field with a lot of empathy. Due to her track record and her international background she can work with a lot of different profiles. On the top of this she knows how to adapt to the level and background of her discussion partner. Read more…

Hélène S.

International Sales Manager

I contacted Delphine for professional coaching as I wished to break a glass ceiling in my career. I knew that I needed to improve on few personal areas and define a more satisfying path forward. A path forward that would better suit my values and my personality. Read more…

Yohan D.

eCommerce Strategist

a very enlightening moment, very well led by Delphine who managed to run this workshop with great professionalism and humor. Read more…

Elise M.

Piano teacher, newly expatriated in Sweden

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