The emotional yo-yo of expatriation

Have you ever heard about the expatriation’s emotional U curve? It deals with 4 phases an expatriate goes through, from the honey moon period to finally getting integrated (eventually). 1. The Honey moon What is it? It feels like holidays! You are relaxed and you...

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The job interview in Sweden

You did it! You have been called for a job interview! It is a thrilling moment but you start getting nervous: will you be able to make it? Get prepared to a job interview is the next logical step of your search strategy. You have 2 stages to consider: A technical one...

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6 keys to adapt everywhere

Whether it is your first experience abroad or you are a recurring successful expatriate, the same question comes back irrevocably: ‘Will I be able to adapt?’ You may be sent abroad by your company, choose to move on your own or follow your spouse, this question pops...

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