I contacted Delphine for professional coaching as I wished to break a glass ceiling in my career. I knew that I needed to improve on few personal areas and define a more satisfying path forward. A path forward that would better suit my values and my personality.

Delphine guided me throughout the definition of short-term and long-term goals. From then on, she suggested a methodology that made it easy for us to identify areas of personal growth. We agreed on a set of “tasks” and I could really feel the momentum of completing small weekly achievements. As a result of this coaching, I will now being moving on to a new position, in line with my personal growth plan.

All in all, Delphine has been a great guidance for me. She is very adaptable and can very well understand when it is the right moment to suggest a framework (based on a validated methodologies). She can also sense when it feels appropriate to be an active listener, and leave some time to mature thoughts.

I would undoubtedly recommend Delphine to someone who finds herself facing difficulties in achieving or re-defining professional growth.

Yohan Deveaux

eCommerce Strategist

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