I am French but I do have an international spirit. I lived in Spain, in the UK, in Germany before moving to Sweden.
I met Delphine on an event in Stockholm and asked her to accompany me while I was looking for a job.
I was confused. I felt that I was only taking bad decisions; I couldn’t organise my thoughts clearly and look at priorities in the most suitable way. I couldn’t step back. All of these had a strong impact on my self-esteem which was quite low at the time.
Thanks to our work together, I have become aware again of my value and capacities. I can process and organise my life. I still need to work on my self-esteem but I do feel that it is better and this progress have had a powerful impact on the quality of my job interviews.

Delphine Macquet is the best coach I have ever had the opportunity to work with. And I hope to have the possibility also in the future to enjoy her professional advice.
She is … a natural. This career was meant for her and she was meant for this career…
She manages to perfectly combine her technical knowledge of the field with a lot of empathy. Due to her track record and her international background she can work with a lot of different profiles. On the top of this she knows how to adapt to the level and background of her discussion partner.
To speak with her is always easy, the communication is fluid, efficient.
The theory or methodology she uses remains hidden and never pops up in her words. Whatever the moment in your life, whatever the advice you need, you never feel stigmatized. You feel helped, supported, respected, stimulated.
And what you feel above all is that she is driven by an unstoppable willingness to help, guide, enlighten.

Hélène Sansonnetti

International Sales Manager

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